Bank On Yourself

Bank on Yourself 

The conventional approach to personal finance incorporates the use of banks and Wall Street and, unfortunately, subjects you to investment volatility and irretrievable interest costs. Please consider Bank on Yourself as an alternative. 


What if you could grow your assets even as they provide for large expenses? A car, a home, emergency funds, college!

What if your wealth accumulation had no relationship to the ups and downs of the stock market? What if you were able to predict, with certainty, the minimum you will have in retirement? What if you were able to avoid the illusory “straight-line projections” attached to the various financial instruments that are common, as they ignore real-life volatility and erratic compounding? Have you wondered why your savings/investment results don’t match your original expectations?

 What if you found out that the strategy suggested here is based on an approach used for well over 100 years, and is time-tested, conservative, regulated, consistent and successful?

There is another option called the Bank On Yourself strategy. With this approach, your equity is always available to you when you need it—without penalty, and for any purpose.

What is the Bank On Yourself method? This strategy relies on dividend-paying whole life insurance. The policy is often designed to have specific riders that will enhance the growth of your cash value, typically faster than traditional whole life policies.

Historical data shows that the policies we use have increased in value for more than 160 years. Now that’s performance you can count on.