Retirement Income Strategies

Saving for retirement can be difficult. Conventional wisdom pushes you into the securities markets, with all the inherent volatility and uncertainty. You can easily lose money, even if you follow advice and do everything right. Implementing our retirement income strategies will allow you to avoid the unknowns and provide yourself financial security in retirement.


Bank on Yourself

Dividend-paying whole life insurance can play an important role in an effective retirement income strategy. This approach goes by several names, including Bank on Yourself, 501(k) Plan, the 702(j) plan, the 770 bank account, become your own banker, income for life, invisible bank account or the President’s Account. This can add reliability to your overall retirement income strategies.

Types of Life Insurance

Life insurance is generally available in two forms: “permanent” and term. Within permanent, there is Whole Life (WL) and various forms of Universal Life (UL, VUL, IUL).

We only use a specific form of Whole Life for reasons we would love to discuss with you.

Term life insurance covers specified periods of time and only pays a death benefit if the insured passes away during that term; there is no “living benefit”.

Whole life insurance is designed to remain in place for the insured’s entire life and pay a death benefit. It also, fortunately, carries a “living benefit”.

Perks of Whole Life Insurance

Whole Life has a higher premium than Term, but a portion of that premium goes to cash accumulation. That accumulation, in turn, grows through additional infusion and compounding as the policy receives dividends from the policy’s issuing company. Whole life can then provide “living benefits” for the owner of the policy while living and breathing! These financial instruments are devoid of securities markets’ volatility and inconsistencies.

Taking Control of Your Financial Life

Each policy is designed for the individual. Retirement income strategies can vary from one individual to another, but a dividend-paying Whole Life insurance policy can be part of a well-structured and effective strategy.