Wealth Accumulation

We all want wealth accumulation, but it always seems to favor the other guy. You can accumulate effectively too, and you don’t need special connections, financial genius or even luck.

First, what could stand in the way? You’ll agree that there are many forces in life that are out of our control. Such things as birthright or health are beyond our grasp…

But what do we do with our money?

Is it appropriate to follow the crowd? You know, the crowd that, at or near retirement, realizes that their efforts at accumulating cash and creating an income for their later years has proven to fall short…

Why do we see so many fall short? The reality is that we live in volatile times. There is volatility in life, in many measurable ways. Our focus here, of course, is the volatility in the world of investments and money.

What many do not realize is that volatility destroys compounding and corrupts cash growth. Volatility is the opposite of consistency. The less volatility (and the more consistency) in your money-growth strategies, the more likely you will reach goals.

The opposite is true as well: put your money into an inherently volatile strategy (e.g. stock market) and the likelihood of hitting long-term targets becomes increasingly difficult as time passes.

Is avoiding volatility within our control? Yes, it is.

So, what is the Bank On Yourself (BOY) approach? BOY relies on a specific type of whole life insurance. The policy is designed with specific riders that will grow your cash (yes, cash) faster than that in traditional whole life policies. Historical data shows that these policies have increased in value every year—for more than 160 years. Now that’s performance you can count on.

Will you allow us to explain how a proven, conservative, and predictable strategy can help you?