Wealth Accumulation

We all want wealth accumulation, but it always seems that other people achieve it. You can too, and you don’t need special connections, financial genius or even luck.

There are some tried-and-true principles of wealth accumulation that anyone can follow:



  • First, make more than you spend.

  • Second, develop good habits that lead to consistent wealth accumulation.

  • Third, invest your savings wisely.

Millions of people have done this, and you can too. You have to manage your personal finances so that you spend less and save more so that your assets grow. You must create positive cash flow. Most people can actually spend less fairly painlessly; just pay attention to what you spend and try to do with a little less. You’ll be surprised that you might not even miss most things.

Bigger income increases come when you get a raise or start a new job. The goal is to create the largest possible gap between what you earn and what you spend to generate savings that you can invest. There are other ways to increase income, such as the Bank on Yourself method. You may have heard it called the 501(K) plan as well. With this plan, your equity is always available to you when you need it—without penalty, and able to use for any purpose you need it for.

So what is the Bank On Yourself method? This method relies on a type of whole life insurance policy that pays dividends. The policy is designed to have specific riders that will grow your cash value up to 40 times faster than traditional whole life policies. Historical data shows that these policies have increased in value by a predictable, guaranteed amount every year—for more than 160 years. Now that’s performance you can count on.

A decision to use the Bank On Yourself method for wealth accumulation offers several distinct advantages. You don’t risk losing your equity because of stock market applications, and if you start early enough, you can generate significant wealth for a comfortable—and early–retirement.

Bank On Yourself is predictable, so you will always know in advance how much your plan is currently worth and how much it will be worth at any future point in time. Spend less and save more, and invest in yourself by banking on yourself.